Did you just find out you were pregnant?  

You may be freaking out. Or be in denial.   

This isn’t what you planned.  

It’s okay. 

Just take your moment. 

When you’re ready to process your options, take a minute to read about your pregnancy options and ask yourself the right questions. 

We are here to process this with you at Lifespring. 

Know Your Pregnancy Options

You have three options. 

1. Parenting – raise the child 

2. Adoption – choose another person or family to take care of the child  

3. Abortion – end the pregnancy through a surgical procedure or medication 

Once you know all of your options and weigh the pros and cons, you can begin to work through what decision is best for you, your body, and your pregnancy. 

Let’s look at each option a little closer:

1. Parenting with support

Parenting is incredibly intimidating. It is a lot of work and a lifetime commitment! Thankfully, numerous programs and government organizations exist to help you in your unique circumstances. These organizations offer financial help for pregnant women including medical bill assistance, healthcare, food, housing, clothing, education, and guidance in finding a stable job.  

Parenting with support

If there is a part of you that wants to keep the pregnancy but you don’t know how you’re going to make all the logistics work, connect with a strong community of client advocates and get the support you need at LifeSpring.  

To talk through parenting resources and financial assistance options, make an appointment with our staff today. 

2. Adoption

Adoption is when you recognize that you are not in the best place to raise a child, and you want a different life for your child than you can give at the moment. You may often hear the phrase “giving up for adoption,” but another way to think of it is “giving the gift of adoption.”   

From a legal perspective, adoption means that you transfer your parental rights and responsibilities to another person who wants to raise the child. But there are many ways that this relationship has changed throughout the years. Now there are three different kinds of adoption:  

Open Adoption – An open adoption allows you to build an ongoing relationship with your baby after adoption. You and the adoptive family decide how this will look. It may look like exchanging letters or regular in-person visits. 

Closed Adoption – A closed adoption means there is no contact between you, your baby, and the adoptive family after the adoption.  

Semi-open Adoption – Semi-open adoption is a combination of open and closed adoption. It allows you to communicate with the adoptive parents to check in on your child’s life throughout the years while still living an independent life. 


If you think adoption might be the best option for you, we encourage you to schedule an appointment today. We are here to answer any questions and help you find the support you need.

3. Abortion

If you don’t want to carry out your pregnancy, abortion can end your pregnancy. This is done through a medical abortion or a surgical abortion.  

Medical Abortion – A medical abortion, often called the abortion pill, is a combination of two pills: mifepristone and misoprostol. It is prescribed to end an early pregnancy, up to 10 weeks.

Surgical Abortion – A surgical abortion is a procedure used to end a pregnancy most often after 10 weeks. 

The type of abortion you can have is based on gestational age (the length of pregnancy after the first day of the last menstrual period) of the pregnancy. 

While we do not perform or refer for abortions at LifeSpring, we will give you information on all options. We also offer counseling if you find yourself struggling after abortion.

Know what questions to ask yourself

It can be overwhelming to make a decision when you don’t know where to begin. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you figure out what pregnancy option is best for you.

  • Is anyone pressuring me to make a certain choice?  
  • What am I losing by choosing parenting, adoption, or abortion? 
  • What am I gaining by choosing parenting, adoption, or abortion?  
  • Can waiting a week change how I feel about my decision?  
  • Is there a decision that would affect how I see myself and my self-worth? 
Pregnancy questions

When you ask the right questions and take the time to process your decision, you can be confident in the final choice you make without regret later. 

Know we are here for you

Talk to a licensed health professional to discuss your options and what might be best for you.

At LifeSpring we provide FREE options counseling, pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and other services, with no insurance required.