So maybe pregnancy wasn’t a part of your plan. It may take time for you to process this news and how it will affect your body and your life.  

But there’s another person whose life is about to change too. 

Telling your partner about an unexpected pregnancy can cause a lot of anxiety, especially if you don’t know how they will react. Just know you’re not alone. Maybe you see the relationship ending and the last thing you want is a baby with him. 

Whatever his response, it often changes how you feel about the pregnancy. 

Here are a few helpful tips on how to tell your partner you’re unexpectedly pregnant.  

How do I tell my partner about an unplanned pregnancy?  

1. Confirm you’re pregnant first

Sometimes it may be a good idea to confirm your pregnancy before you have a conversation with your partner. Sometimes pregnancy symptoms and at-home pregnancy tests aren’t always accurate. The best way to confirm you’re pregnant is to see a medical professional. 

LifeSpring offers free, confidential medical-grade pregnancy tests that are 99% accurate.  

Confirm your pregnancy by scheduling an appointment today. 

2. Take time to care for yourself

Panic mode tends to drive impulsive decisions. But if you can do activities that help decrease your stress levels like exercising, taking a few days off work, spending time outside, you can take the time for yourself to process how you’re feeling.  

When you have a minute to calm your emotions, you will be in a clearer place to speak to your partner and be resilient to whatever his reaction may be.   

Take time for yourself

If you need help sorting out your thoughts, our trained staff are here to support you. We will help you process your emotions as a non-judgmental listening ear. 

You may need to process if you can be a single mom. If you feel connected to your pregnancy, this may mean that you may continue the pregnancy journey without your partner. Taking the time to know yourself, your strength, and what you stand for –  will help you be in a more ready place to tell your partner. 

3. Plan to tell your partner in person

Communicating in person will eliminate any misunderstandings and help you both process this information together. Sometimes having an ultrasound picture can help you tell him what is happening inside your body. 

Pick a time and place that is private and allows time to talk through both of your feelings together.  

When you share the news, you can use phrases like, “We’re pregnant” or “We’re having a baby”. This communicates this situation requires both of you to accept and respond to it. 

4. Be open and honest

It’s important to be fully open and honest with your partner about how you are feeling. Tell him your worries and what you’re excited about. Tell him what you would like to do about the pregnancy and that you really value his true feelings and opinions and want his input. Allow him the space to communicate what he is feeling as well. 

5. Give space for his reaction

Give him time to process this information. Remember you’ve had some time to process this information. This is his first time hearing it. 

If he responds negatively, give him some space. His initial reaction might not be true to what his intentions and feelings towards the pregnancy are long-term. If the conversation starts to escalate or you feel threatened in any way, remove yourself from the situation. 

Even if he doesn’t come around to the same conclusion as you, it will still be okay. Your support system doesn’t have to look like just your partner. Family and friends are a great support system to lean on. Our staff at LifeSpring is also here to support you. 

6. Discuss next steps together

If you want your partner to be involved in this pregnancy, talk about what next steps might look like. Discuss what you envision the future to look like and what you are going to do to get there. Maybe your next steps can look like telling your parents together or having him attend your future appointments.  

If your partner is pressuring you to get an abortion but you aren’t sure, read how to handle this decision here.

Discuss next steps for your pregnancy together

Whether you are looking for pregnancy options, a medical-grade pregnancy test, an ultrasound, or someone to talk through your unexpected pregnancy with, we are here for you.  

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