How do you even begin to process an unexpected pregnancy? Maybe you are excited to be a parent. Or maybe this is not what you want so you are considering abortion. Or maybe you are undecided on what to do next. 

If you are not sure what you want to do with your unplanned pregnancy, here are some ways to begin processing your unplanned pregnancy. 

How to begin processing my unplanned pregnancy

1. Let yourself have conflicting emotions

It’s okay if you aren’t excited when you see the second line on the pregnancy test. Most women with unplanned pregnancies feel afraid and sad. It’s okay if you are feeling any of these emotions today. And it’s also okay if you feel a sliver of excitement. Maybe you have always wanted to be a mom, but you just aren’t ready at this time. Or maybe you’re already overwhelmed by motherhood even though you love your children.  

Let yourself feel conflicting emotions

Whatever your situation is, it’s okay to feel both sadness and excitement. Both positive and negative emotions can happen at the same time. It’s okay to cry, because this is a big deal!  

Finding someone that will help you understand why you are feeling the way you do is very important. As you process through all of these mixed emotions, you will find that some of these emotions change with time. If you’re looking for a confidential place to process these emotions, make an appointment with Lifespring today. 

2. Understand why you’re afraid and sad

Often many women begin grieving after an unexpected pregnancy. Maybe you had other plans for your life before pregnancy. Maybe you had dreams of going back to school. Maybe you envisioned a different man as the father of your children. This life change may not be what you expected, so it’s okay if you are experiencing grief.  But when you understand your grief, you will be able to move on confidently in your decision. It is important to understand what you’re losing and what you’re gaining with this decision.   

If fear is your strongest emotion, ask yourself questions like:  

  • What are you most afraid of losing if you keep this pregnancy?  
  • What are you most afraid of losing if you abort the pregnancy?  

If sadness is your strongest emotion, ask yourself questions like:  

  • What would you regret more if you were to parent or to abort this pregnancy? 
  • Imagine your life 5 months and 5 years from now. Which option will you feel more sadness afterwards?  
  • If you are struggling with depression, do you see your depression getting better or worse as a result of this pregnancy? 

It’s normal to have fears and sadness when you find out your life is about to change in a way you haven’t planned. Understanding why you feel this way will help you be more confident in your decision. 

3. Know your pregnancy options

Understanding all of your  pregnancy options will help you make the decision that is right for you. 

Make an appointment with us at LifeSpring. We can walk you through parenting, adoption, and abortion options and help you find the right support and resources you need. 

4. Don’t rush your decision

Give yourself enough time to think through each option (both short-term and long-term). This is a big decision that only you can make for yourself. You are the one who makes the decision, but also the one who carries the weight of your choice. It’s okay to take time to decide. 

5. Find your village

You don’t have to do this alone. Find positive people who see the best in you and who know you well. If you don’t have anyone you can talk to, you can always find a compassionate and supportive place at Lifespring.  

Make an appointment to find the support, answers, and care you need. You are not alone. 

Ultimately, this is a big decision for you. We are committed to the best care for you. We will listen without judgment and help you feel confident in your decision. 

Find your village